What are eyelash extensions?

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are applied by hand, one lash at a time, by a technician who glues extensions on top of your actual lashes.

How to apply eyelash extensions?

1. Consultation time: 5-10 minutes (for a first visit)

2. Preparation: before applying the extensions on your eyelashes : 10-15 minutes
• Putting tape on your bottom lashes (to avoid them attaching to top lashes)
• Cleaning up your lashes (removing traces of oil, eyeshadow, eyeliner, cream, or any     cosmetic products from your eyelashes)
• Drying eyelashes

3. Applying semi-permanent eyelash extensions to your eyelashes: 30 minutes to 3 hours

How long does it take?

Classic lash : 1 hour – 2hours
Hybrid Volume lash : 1.5 – 2.5 hours
Glamorous Volume lash : 1.5-3hours
Bottom lashes : 30min – 45min
LVL Lash Lift : 1-1.5hours

*This is the average time for a new set. It depends on how many lashes you would like to have and the condition of your eyelashes.

How long do they last?

With proper care, your extensions will last 3-4 weeks. You should expect to shed most of them throughout the growth cycle of your natural lashes. We recommend coming for infills when your extensions begin to look sparse (normally after 2-3 weeks).

Be warned, lash extensions are incredibly delicate – Exposure to steam or extremely hot water can weaken the adhesive bond on your extensions. Please do not touching, picking, or rubbing your lashes.

 LVL Lash Lift will last about 6 weeks with proper care.

Do eyelash extensions make my own lashes fall out?

No, definitely not. The eyelash has a growth cycle, which means they are constantly being replaced like your hair. If you pull hard on an extension lash and pull out your own natural lash, there will be no new lash ready to take its place. You will have to wait 6-8 weeks for that lash to grow.

Does the application hurt?

Not at all. During the application, you can enjoy a very relaxing time. Most clients fall asleep and they often look forward to a little nap!

I had an allergic reaction when I had eyelash extensions before. Can I still have them?

Unfortunately, if you already had an allergic reaction, it is likely that you will experience it again. Most clients that had an allergic reaction in the past, experience discomfort and itchiness during the next treatments. Please remember that an allergic reaction is something you can develop at any point while having your lashes done.

I am pregnant. Can I still have eyelash extensions?

I am afraid NO. When women are pregnant, their skin is very sensitive because their hormones are changing. Also, it is important that you don’t wiggle or move around much during the treatment.

Can I still use a mascara over my extensions?

Most clients don’t find it necessary to wear mascara with eyelash extensions. However, if you must wear mascara, we advise using a water-based formula. Do not use oil-based or waterproof mascara. Oil based products can dissolve the bonding agent used on your extensions, causing the lashes fall out sooner. Oil-based eye makeup and makeup remover should also be avoided.

Can I still wear eye makeup?

Yes. You can still use mascara, water-based eyeliner and eye shadow as usual, but remember to remove with a product that does not contain oil of any kind as this will affect the glue.

To remove eye shadow, wet a cotton wipe with eye makeup remover. Gently remove eye shadow in a sideways-upward movement, not down onto the eyelash extensions. Wiping down towards the lashes will cause a build-up of makeup on the lashes and may lessen the life of them. Oil-based eye makeup and makeup remover and waterproof mascara should also be avoided.